Principal’s Message

Dear Families,

It’s that time again! Children are excited for the start of school and parents are just as eager. My staff and I are looking forward to a great year! Our second year begins with greater expectations and a continued commitment to success.

The 21st Century will present many challenges for our students and we must meet them head on. We know our children will only be as successful as our commitment as a community. This will include our communication and academic intensity here at school and a dedicated monitoring of our children’s efforts at home. As we work in partnership to take our children to greater academic heights, we all must be invested in this timeless endeavor to have our children career and college ready.

Our goals this year are to drive the students with greater rigor in the classroom aligned with the Common Core Standards. There will be more high ordered thinking and project-based learning to challenge our students in the classroom. We will incorporate technology infused programs such as MyOn, Stride Academy and the WIN Career Readiness Program to monitor student growth and successes. Lastly, we will use different media forms such as film, photography and journalism to drive instruction in the classroom.

This year at Creative Communications Academy, we will encourage all children to embrace the values of “Excellence, Humanization and Pride” in their daily choices and interactions. We want to create a culture of respect for ourselves, our peers, our school, and our community. These values challenge us to go over and beyond the ordinary, ask us to treat other as we want to be treated and make us feel good about our accomplishments (which we want to celebrate as often as possible).

Through our commitment to our students and a practiced sense of integrity, we know that this will be a special year of growth, development and academic achievement for our children.


Mr. Gerald Scott


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